We’re happy to cooperate with Jman37x – a really nice person working hard on getting new subscribers and more views to his Youtube channel, willing to help WarClicks by making those great videos!

His latest video is about recent updates, explaining some features, giving you more ideas on how to play WarClicks, explaining Country Invasion, Competitions, Trainers, Daily Tasks – so if you have doubts about some feature, you can try to get some explanations in more convenient mode 😉

Check the video here: LINK

However, the video might also be a great tool for all players that want to achieve more rewards (+ Spin the Wheel chances, + More FREE Gold).

How can you use videos to progress faster??

Videos are a great tool to get new players into WarClicks, why is that important for you? Because you’re now having the chance to show the video to your friends or share it on other social media channels/forums you are active on (people are more likely to join under your username, if you are giving them a recorded gameplay).

Don’t forget to paste your referral link beside the video link. When somebody uses your referral link and reaches levels 5,10,15,25 you’ll be rewarded with some Gold and with more Spin chances.

I am not familiar with referral links, where can I get them?
Go to Warzone and click on Refer a friend button (in the right-side menu) – you’ll be presented a splash page referral links – check which splash page suits you best and copy the link and paste it in the post beside the video link.

More updates on game development will follow soon, so be sure to get back soon 😉

We wish you a lot of fun,
WarClicks Team