Sneak peaks of upcoming updates! (WIP – Part2)

We want to give you a quick update on this. As all of these updates are quite significant in their own, we want to make sure we do them all properly, and also to not suddenly shower you with them.

Also, if we worked on finishing all of them properly before releasing anything, we think that 3-4 weeks without any updates is quite a lot, and that we will probably be better off splitting these updates into a few batches.

This will help us keep better development focus, ensure you are not showered with tons of huge updates suddenly, help us develop/think certain things through better and generally ensure better update quality and keep things more interesting for you all!

In short, we will be releasing these updates in this order, we are aiming to release the first & most cruicial one, sometime next week:

*Information is condensed here, to outline the major changes only. Any boosts or specifics mentioned are still subject to change/balancing.

1) Lategame rework and extending Boot Camp gameplay

This includes being able to start a new Boot Camp at a certain point, which will get you started on a new fresh Boot Camp, as you expand your military production.

This will ensure you can always get more units deployed to War Zone, as you will never be stopped by “slow late game progression” and exponential issues the game brings.

New BCs will give you permanent score MX, permanent MX to deploying support units, and also you will be able to choose 2 different perks/bonuses for each Boot Camp playthrough:

First one is a specialization choice, which will give you air/land/sea BC units a Continue reading

A new video on WarClicks

We’re happy to cooperate with Jman37x – a really nice person working hard on getting new subscribers and more views to his Youtube channel, willing to help WarClicks by making those great videos!

His latest video is about recent updates, explaining some features, giving you more ideas on how to play WarClicks, explaining Country Invasion, Competitions, Trainers, Daily Tasks – so if you have doubts about some feature, you can try to get some explanations in more convenient mode 😉

Check the video here: LINK

However, the video might also be a great tool for all players that want to achieve more rewards (+ Spin the Wheel chances, + More FREE Gold).

How can you use videos to progress faster??
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Server Issues resolved

You might have noticed that we had several server issues in about the past 24 hours, that caused super slow loading of the game and issue with server requests timing out.

This resulted in several what looked like bugs, issues with saving, loss of progress as it was all caused by the inability for your progress to be saved and checked properly on the server all the time and generally caused a horrible/unreliable gameplay experience as the game is dependent on server updates due to its competitive/multiplayer nature.

The issues were caused by some attacks by a user that exploited a temporary Continue reading

Sneak peek of future updates

Over the last month we’ve been working on new graphics and specifications of a completely ‘new world’ of WarClicks. It will be called ‘Training camp’ and will be a completely new aspect of playing the game. The current active game will remain mostly the same, but it will become “an extension” known as “War Zone”.

The training camp will become the main part where players will train units via idle gameplay mechanics. Players will be able to change into active mode by fighting in the War Zone. Although both game “worlds” will be separate, there will be some mechanics that will intertwine them, and open you up to a whole new set of different tactics and gameplay progression choices.

Let us show you our first sneak peek of upcoming graphics. Feel free to comment below the post or share the word between your friends.

Training camp

Training camp

Team WarClicks.com

In-game advertising

As you’ve likely noticed we have done quite a few updates to the game lately. We are trying to get you the best user experience possible, and according to some analysis done after the updates, we are glad to say, that we are now seeing better play-through and activity from our average player than ever!

Global game involves players all around the globe

 Game involves players all around the globe…

There is still a lot of improvements and updates we have planned, and is why we’ve

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