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As you’ve likely noticed we have done quite a few updates to the game lately. We are trying to get you the best user experience possible, and according to some analysis done after the updates, we are glad to say, that we are now seeing better play-through and activity from our average player than ever!

Global game involves players all around the globe

 Game involves players all around the globe…

There is still a lot of improvements and updates we have planned, and is why we’ve

added rewarded advertisement and offerwalls to our page, so we are able to continue working on the project and developing new cool stuff for increasing playability. After first doing some urgent corrections to the game, we will also improve various mechanics of the game to make up for much more enjoyable gameplay, including competition, upgrades and other stuff for which we already hinted at in previous posts.

To get back to advertising…

In general, online gamers are more receptive to advertising than other general online users. We are picking advertisers very carefully for a reason, so that ads won’t ruin your experience – on the contrary, they can make it even more rewarding and appealing to play. This is our goal and we want to get as close to that as we can. For now, we do not see lots of people taking offerwalls, which is a little surprise for us and would appreciate any feedback about that – do you perhaps not have any offers available, would you like to see another specific offerwall provider added – anything at all, feel free to comment below! Remember that offerwalls give you the option to complete some simple tasks for additional in-game gold that can help you purchase various upgrades in our shop, and also helps us with backing up further development of the game.



  1. 1) scripts
    Why is it necessary to allow scripts from and to have a working game?

    2) offerwall
    Most often those offers don’t give you anything. Only working offer I ever had on any website was “watch video to get xyz”.
    But the “watch video” offer doesn’t work (no video visible, woobi).

    • WarClicks

      June 2, 2016 at 1:58 pm

      1) As you’ll notice WarClicks is unlike most other games which are basically “single player”. Here a part of it is already multiplayer, and as we intend to develop more multiplayer, social and community elements, we are required to verify all game actions on server side, to avoid players trying to cheat or getting ahead of other players. So that explains the calls. call is made to our advertising partner check if there is a reward video ad available for each player, in which case the option will be shown to you and you will be able to click on a chest under the units to view an ad and get some extra gold. We might change this soon for the call to not be visible for the user, but made on our backend completely. Might make it that much cleaner for users.

      2.) Offers & videos will only show if there are any available for you at that time, which mostly depends on your country and if there are any available from that advertiser for your country. This is something we will try to improve and connect with other advertisers to give everyone a better fill rate and more options for rewarded videos, which is our main goal. Offerwalls can vary greatly though so we would suggest to simply check them on a regular basis and see if there’s anything new for you. This is also something we’ll try to simplify for you, and are working on providing you more offerwall options to give these options to as many of you as possible.

  2. I’ve been doing offerwalls every single day, and most of them don’t work however the surveys that comes up often works for me. :) Thanks to your offerwalls I had enough to get the three times damage thing in shop. So I have no issue with the offerwalls, just the main offers don’t work. Surveys do work however.

    I’m also interested to see what new things you guys have in store in the future! Seriously, thanks for making this game great and fun!

    Also I have been going around trying to get my friends to play this game and spread the word, but there is only so little of my friends who enjoy clicking games. :( I tried though. I really need some Canadians in my country. Haha.

    • WarClicks

      June 4, 2016 at 7:32 am

      Much appreciated :)

      Could you please let us know what sort of offers you are having issues with (preferably email us any details to, and from which offerwall provider? So we may look into it and see if we can get to the cause of any issues you might be having.

      Yeah clicking games are not for everyone, but often people criticizing them eventually get hooked and play them later on. So keep trying, you never know when you convince some of your friends to join you :)

      We think you’ll like the next update, as it will be the first update really focused on country & social mechanics. Maybe we’ll give you a sneak peek this week, as it likely won’t take much longer than that to get it out either!

      And we have a lot planned ahead, so it’s sometimes hard to prioritize updates, with so many of them 😀 But most likely, the next one after the country/social update, will revolve around introducing some idle mechanic to the game and open up longer gameplay session possibilities to those who like it. Perhaps that deserves a post of it’s own though, but to give you a hint of what’s coming :)

      • I’ve send the email with the issues. :)

        And I’m sure I would love the update, I mean a sneak peek would be great really! Though I love surprises too. And really? That fast? Wow you guys work hard on this.

        And I love the sound of longer gameplay. I mean now that I have the times three thing, The gameplay went so much faster for me. :( But at least I finish faster, haha. Sometimes I miss some good refuel cause I sleep alot in the day.

        And thank you for all of these hints. :) Really it’s great that you guys answer people though, It shows you care about your players!

        As for your below comment, I have permission then to make a new account just to try the new tutorial then? I figure making new accounts would be against the rules, but I can test it out for you and come back with thoughts if you like. 😀

  3. WarClicks

    June 4, 2016 at 7:37 am

    One more thing – perhaps the ones of you who have been around for longer, might not have noticed this as you’re already past the “tutorial point”, we’ve done a huge overhaul to the messaging and tutorial system at the beginning of the game. The old one with popups was way too intrusive and annoying, and we’ve now made it much cleaner and user-friendly. Not to mention it gives us a lot of options for future narrative added potentially :)

    If you’re interested to see it, feel free to create a new account and finish the first 10 battles or so to get a good idea of what we’ve changed and improved. And any feedback about it would be awesome – Since you have a good feel of the game already, and if you think something might be missing to help out new players better, we’re all open to suggestions/critics!

    • Alright so seems you don’t have to make a new account, I just had to log out and it let’s me start from scratch, I kept my progress though when I logged back in of course.

      Nonetheless, I really love this new system. It doesn’t like, pop up and people can even hide the tutorial. However, I notice two things, though tutorial wise it’s just one, but the other one was a problem I noticed yesterday when I ranked up but didn’t pay much mind to it.

      Anyways, during the tutorial when a drop happens, the tutorial pops up right? Well, By a small slim chance, it is possible that when you reach a point and get the drop while a tutorial is already up at the same time, It closes that one and tells you about the drops. Which may be problematic for newbies. For example, what happened to me was out of pure luck. This only happens once during tutorials I assume, but the tutorial was about to tell me about Gold as it pointed at it, but then I was still clicking and killed one, as they’re pretty weak at first, this made a drop and I didn’t get a chance to read the gold message. Like I said, This is just pure luck and chance. However maybe you can make it so that if two popped up like that, The only way they go away if you click the Okay button? Like if that drop one pops up, it goes over it but when you make it go away, you can see the last message that tried to overwrite it.

      I hope I explained what I mean. :)

      As for the Rank Up, Well this happened twice now and I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I’m gonna help as much as possible by sharing my finds! 😀 Though, when I rank up during Defending, No message pops up. I really loved reading those little messages you guys put when you rank up, congratulating me in different ways. But it seems when you rank up during defending and when it closes back to normal battles, There is no message or pops up for your rank up. :(

      But yeah hope all these feedbacks help. c:

      • Sorry for a bit late reply!
        Indeed, your progress is bound to your browser cookie – until you register, when it’s auto deleted, so simply logging out will let you start from a new account.

        Actually even from the start it’s possible to get random drops at the beginning randomly, yet one is “hardcoded” for tutorial purposes in one of the early battles. But I can see how they popping up before might make it a bit confusing, so perhaps would be good for us to completely remove the random chance for the first few battles so that the user is properly guided throughout.

        We made the tutorial messages to override any previous ones, as to not spam the users too much. But I can see your point – so maybe just making sure that the messages are more than just a unit/two apart would prevent “accidentally” going through them. But other than that we feel that not removing the tutorial messages as they come up, could feel too annoying to users, if they simply wanted to ignore them for a while.

        And you’re right, rank notifications don’t show up on defending – as they would obstruct while defending. But maybe we should show the at least after the defending is over then.

        And indeed, all of your feedback is great :) Thanks again!

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