Lately, WarClicks is getting more and more traffic from all over the world. New players are persistent to overcome the most powerful soldiers in the game. However, we are aware that we need to do lots of improvements in the game to make it even more appealing and also even more competitive.

Getting traffic

Getting traffic


For that reason, we will (in the near future) start developing an additional feature that will make competition between countries far more interesting. We count on

every single player to get involved in the battles and reap the rewards.  But to be clear, armies with most players involved in battles, will gain bigger rewards in the long run. So be sure to tell your best friends about the game and invite them to help your country win, collect the rewards and all the other cool things that can be done inside the game.


Let these few details be only a taste of what will be developed in the near future. For now just be sure to complete your daily mission, defend your country, attack your enemies and to destroy as many units as you can in a single day.


See you in the game