New way to pick up some GOLD!

Yesterday, we have implemented a new option for all of our players to be able to collect more GOLD per day. You will find it inside the shop at the top right – button ‘New offers’.





How Offerwalls work?

By completing some simple tasks by our advertising partners you will get an opportunity to collect more GOLD. Value and numbers of offers vary (on a daily basis) to different countries, so be sure to get back often to ensure the biggest value of gold.

Offerwalls are commonly used  in free-to-play games, such as WarClicks, to gain additional in game currency to give you additional in-game benefits, in exchange for some of your time. We are working on adding additional types of offerwalls to the game, to ensure all the players have more chances of gaining additional Gold.

However, offerwalls give you the opportunity to collect more gold during the play and can be spend on the products we’ve build so far. By being active our shop upgrades can be bought for free, just by completing tasks in offerwalls, collecting gold ‘drop downs’, defending the country and completing daily missions. There are now a lot of ways of collecting gold in the game, so make sure to explore them all. We are also working on developing new cool upgrades for the shop that will be available in our game shop – either by buying ‘Gold packages’ and helping us develop the game faster, or by a little slower method – collecting gold (on a daily basis).


Hope you have fun playing our game, any ideas for improvements are welcome, so please be sure to give us feedback. We would appreciate hearing  from you if you like/love the game or dislike some of its features, improvements and so on.




  1. I’m doing them right now! c: I noticed it wasn’t there before and tried some, and then checked your blogs and saw this. I really like this, Love doing surveys.

    Also I’m sorry if I comment alot, I really enjoy giving my thoughts alot. I hope it isn’t annoying for you guys.

    • WarClicks

      May 23, 2016 at 3:46 pm

      Annoying us? Far from it – always great hearing back from you guys, we love reading your comments, gives us great feedback about our game, what you like, what we need to improve and fix :)

      Glad you like the offerwalls, I hope it enables you to get those upgrades you wanted sooner :)

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