Perhaps the ones of you who have been around for longer, might not have noticed this as you’re already past the “tutorial point”. We’ve done a huge overhaul to the messaging and tutorial system at the beginning of the game. The old one with tutorial popups was way too intrusive (sometimes also annoying) and we’ve now made it much cleaner and user-friendly. Not to mention it gives us a lot of options for adding potential future narrative.




If you’re interested to see it, (first make sure to register to save your progress!) log out from your account, clear your cookies and finish the first 10 battles or so to get a good idea of what we’ve changed and improved. And any feedback about it would be awesome – Since you have a good feel of the game already, and if you think something might be missing to help out new players better, we’re all open to suggestions/critics!

We are hoping that our new tutorial system will help us gain more players on the long run and help in making the game a lot more interesting and competitive, especially as we will soon be adding some country-based battles and community elements to the game.

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  1. So I’ll like to inform a big bug that I hope you guys look into, It has ruined my defense at Day 50, and I lost about over 15m in the score. :c But don’t worry! I’m not too upset by it, I want to play alot to help you guys out so if I find bugs I want to report them to you.

    Anyways this is what happens, When I do defense it happens randomly, but when you try to kill the first enemy… It just ends suddenly with the same message that pops up after 30 seconds, cept it happens instantly after your first kill or sometimes click. I never really understood why, I tried many ways to avoid this bug, like waiting for a bit before clicking incase the game failed to load, or click before and so on. But it just happens randomly. :c

    But yeah since a Day 50 has like, TONS of things to kill, I wasn’t able to finish this day’s defense. But like I said, don’t worry I can get back up there. c; I just felt like reporting this to you as it may be important for you guys to be aware of this. I’m still not sure if this is a problem with my browser or the game, so I’m not sure if this will help.

    Thank you in advance! :)

    • Hmm, I’ve just tried to replicate the issue and couldn’t. We were aware of a similar bug a few weeks ago, which got fixed, but now no matter what I do can’t seem to replicate it unfortunately.

      Has this happened on the same battle on several consecutive days?
      As I can now see that you’ve finished the defending battle and I take it that everything works as it should now?

      And please let us know if you’d like the lost score by this bug returned, we’re happy to do so!

      • Sadly I’ve became inactive for a few days due to real life trouble. :( I lost tons of progress cause of it, I mean I may come around again when things come down but the score being taken from not defending is a bit tough, but I see what you guys were going with that. :) It gives active people a shot to climb up so scores aren’t too extremely high due to inactive folk.

        Anyways the bug has been fixed after my message yes. I mean it did it constantly at first but after you looked into it, I’m not sure what you did but it fixed it? Not sure what happened there.

        Nonetheless, I am sad I made Canada fell. :( I hope to return when life is much easier on me, And climb back up! Won’t be easy though. Good luck with your game! It’s amazing and fun, I’m sure I’ll return to great amounts of updates right? 😉

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