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Alliance Fights RELEASED!

We’ve released a completely new addition to Country vs. Country battles – ALLIANCE FIGHTS!

Alliance fights

Alliance fights

Hopefully, you’ve managed to complete the requirements during the week and will participate in the first Alliance fights starting today and continuing tomorrow (January 12th & 13th)! If you’ve missed it, do your best during the upcoming week and fight in the next ones, as Alliance fights are here to stay on War Clicks and will commence every weekend! 😉 And during the weekdays it’s CvC as usual!

We’ve added new chat rooms for both groups of alliance players, which will be open during the weekend. If you’re eligible to fight you’ll see your group tab added in the chat popup. So, make sure to get to know your teammates and try to prepare the best fighting formations with your new Alliance team members to win the fights!

Have fun!
War Clicks Team

Alliance Fights coming on War Clicks this Saturday!

There are just a few days left until we release the Alliance Fights within the Country Vs. Country feature (CvC)!

We’d like you to join the 1st fights this Saturday & Sunday– so we are here sharing important requirements that you need to meet to be able to participate in battles during the weekend! (Alliance fights will replace CvC fights during weekends)

How to earn yourself an ENTRANCE TICKET for the ALLIANCE Fights?
– There are 2 ways of how you can earn the right to fight in Alliance Fights:

1. All Council Members qualify for the Alliance fights (so, try to get into your Country’s council – TOP 20 members of your Country based on Voting Power)

2. Earn it by actively playing (you just need to participate in Country Vs. Country battles 3x during the week of the fight). It’s really simple and you are also helping your country by doing that, so this should be easy as pie!

Alliance Fights

Alliance Fights

For each alliance fight rewards will be distributed amongst participants (Spoil Points and Alliance Stars which grant DPC boosts) , which is another reason for you to earn yourself an Entrance ticket as soon as possible!

Have fun & see you in the 1st Alliance fight on War Clicks this Saturday!

How to play Country Vs. Country battles?

-Step by Step Guide/ Easy Tutorial

Open Country Headquarters

Open Country Headquarters

Complete the requirement to enter unlock Country Headquarters

Complete the requirement to enter unlock Country Headquarters

Enter Country Vs. Country battles

Enter Country Vs. Country battles


All users achieving a Rank 7 (Sergeant I) in War Zone have access to CvC battles.
Every player who manages to unlock Country Vs. Country battles can:
– fight only on 1 front in a fighting day
– use a chance to change the front 1x per fighting day
– use 1 Vote to decide on which country to attack tomorrow to ensure the country open fronts on the next day

* Fighting day – a period of time that starts on 0.00 UTC/GMT and lasts 24h

Country battles schedule:
1st day – Voting on which country to attack the next day
2nd day – Picking Fronts / Setting moves on the Battlefield / Voting
3rd day – Checking yesterday’s results & Leaderboards / Picking Fronts / Setting moves on the Battlefield / Voting

During the weekdays (Monday-Friday) there will be country battles, but during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) there are Alliance fights – Not yet the first weekend as the country battles need to be optimized at first, so on the first weekend the country battles will be there to use.


There are more and less powerful countries on the battlefield and we have divided them into the groups, we called them Tiers. The lower number the Tier of your country is (example: #1), the stronger country you fight for. The strength of a single country is based on a Total Country’s Clicking Force (CF).


What is presented in battles as your main power?
-> What is a Clicking Force (CF) and how to increase it?

Your Clicking Force in Country Vs. Country battles represent your personal power Continue reading

CvC coming out tomorrow!

We are closer than ever!

Tomorrow we are releasing the long-awaited feature: Country Vs. Country (CvC) battles, which will be found within Country Headquarters in War Zone.
If you still didn’t manage to get to Country Headquarters (opens up at battle 39), then tomorrow’s release is a great reason for you to get there!

* Every player who reaches Rank 7 – (Sergeant I)  will get the power to participate in country battles – a lot of unique rewards await you!

** If you haven’t yet also use up your Spoil Points in Country HQ, as they will be reset tomorrow (for technical and balance reasons) with the release of CvC – we will however give everyone a starting amount of Spoil Points to give you a taste of the new cool rewards immediately!

…If you haven’t yet, please VOTE for War Clicks in the Finals (just 2 days left!) – & share the link with your friends to help the game reach the Title of Best Indie Game of 2018!


P.S.: We heard rumors that Santa is going bad this year and that he’s prepared an event for you starting this Saturday…

Wish you lots of fun! :)

Country vs Country feature (CvC) – summary of purpose and specifications

Hey everyone,

We are happy to be able to finally present the barebone of specifications for the upcoming Country vs Country feature! We have been narrowing down the specifications for CvC the past few weeks, as there were a ton of potential ideas, solutions, problems, issues, tweaks etc.

We had to go over various versions and ideas that introduced unfairness due to time zone differences, had an “online time pressure”, had 0 country concept, were too messy/confusing for players, were too random, had boring mechanics,… Shortly put, there was a lot of things considered we had to reject for various reasons. We ended up with something that we feel fits the game, connects some unconnected parts of the game, introduces a lot of community/social elements, gets rid of “country isolation”, is not time-pressured and creates an ever-evolving/dynamic competitive environment that will get everyone and every country a great experience!

Purpose/goals of CvC

With Country vs Country we want to add a late game feature to the game, that will make the game more fun (especially at late stages) by adding additional depth, giving more meaning to „country“, and connect ALL users in common „events“ and playing goals as well as add a new highly social element to the game. As a late game feature and as a “controllable mechanic” it can also be used in various fun and exciting ways to balance out late game for players and keep the game fun for far longer periods of time, giving users the chance to get more invested with the game.

We also wanted the function to be as simple and easy to understand as possible for users, and not over complicated. Minimum user effort for maximum reward, fun and social gain.

How it works/specs

As the feature is quite extensive there is quite a bit to explain , to get a full idea of how the feature will look like. For those that might find such long specs boring, you might want to scroll-down to check the first graphics  😉 But as a lot of you are anxious of what’s coming, we felt it’s best to give you as much information as possible!
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Perhaps the ones of you who have been around for longer, might not have noticed this as you’re already past the “tutorial point”. We’ve done a huge overhaul to the messaging and tutorial system at the beginning of the game. The old one with tutorial popups was way too intrusive (sometimes also annoying) and we’ve now made it much cleaner and user-friendly. Not to mention it gives us a lot of options for adding potential future narrative.




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