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Open Country Headquarters

Open Country Headquarters

Complete the requirement to enter unlock Country Headquarters

Complete the requirement to enter unlock Country Headquarters

Enter Country Vs. Country battles

Enter Country Vs. Country battles


All users achieving a Rank 7 (Sergeant I) in War Zone have access to CvC battles.
Every player who manages to unlock Country Vs. Country battles can:
– fight only on 1 front in a fighting day
– use a chance to change the front 1x per fighting day
– use 1 Vote to decide on which country to attack tomorrow to ensure the country open fronts on the next day

* Fighting day – a period of time that starts on 0.00 UTC/GMT and lasts 24h

Country battles schedule:
1st day – Voting on which country to attack the next day
2nd day – Picking Fronts / Setting moves on the Battlefield / Voting
3rd day – Checking yesterday’s results & Leaderboards / Picking Fronts / Setting moves on the Battlefield / Voting

During the weekdays (Monday-Friday) there will be country battles, but during the weekend (Saturday & Sunday) there are Alliance fights – Not yet the first weekend as the country battles need to be optimized at first, so on the first weekend the country battles will be there to use.


There are more and less powerful countries on the battlefield and we have divided them into the groups, we called them Tiers. The lower number the Tier of your country is (example: #1), the stronger country you fight for. The strength of a single country is based on a Total Country’s Clicking Force (CF).


What is presented in battles as your main power?
-> What is a Clicking Force (CF) and how to increase it?

Your Clicking Force in Country Vs. Country battles represent your personal power and the SUM of all your countrymen CF’s represent the Total power of your Country on the Battlefield.

Clicking Force can be increased through one of the following:
1. COUNTRY UPGRADES – Use your Vote regularly, in case the decision of increased CF is voted at the end, the CF is increased as a result
2. Improve your RANK inside the War Zone (Higher Rank = increased CF)
3. DONATIONS to Country Treasury (donate Gold in your country Treasury -> as a result of that you are increasing your CF and Voting power; it is really worth it 😉 )

Feel free to invite your friends into the game, so that you can all fight for the same country and reach better results on the battlefield together and don’t forget to help the newbies out if they have some questions on chat. Valuable answers on their questions can keep them focused and motivated to fight further for the country goals!

How we calculate the Country’s power/ Clicking Force?
CF = (1 + ∑CountryUpgradesCF) x RankMX x DonationsMX;

(RankMX …. rank # * 0.1; DonationsMX  … Total_donated/100 * 0.002)

…Let’s take an example on how to get into country fightings:


How the fight/front creates?
It is important to know that before the fight/front creates, the players of the X country needs to first Vote inside the Voting section of Country Headquarters on which country to attack the next day.


Every player who reached at least Rank 5 can Vote for country purposes. Voting power is based on Clicking Force (CF). So, if you want to increase your Voting powers than you should do one of the following:
–  INCREASE YOUR RANK (every Rank gives you 1 Voting power; so if you are Rank 12 – that means 12 Voting power from this category)
– DONATE TO COUNTRY TREASURY ( every 100 Gold donated gives you an extra 0.1 Voting power (on top of gaining an extra 0.002 CF multiplier)
– GET INTO COUNTRY COUNCIL (TOP 20 country players by Voting power) will also give you  additional voting power multipliers in votings

When the Voting is over at the end of the day, the battle Fronts are created the next day and you can choose the front and enter the Battlefield to set the moves / strategy for attack/defense.

Open fronts

Open fronts


On the main page of CvC you will find the created fronts in case that anyone from your country previously (a day before) voted on which country to attack the next day. This is the only requirement for Attacking Fronts to generate.

The option your country picked on Voting will be now shown on the right side of the screen as attacking front.

On the left side you might find any open fronts, just in case any of the other countries in your Tier decided to attack your country today.

You can take just one front, so decide wisely which front you will fight on, you can always consult with other countrymen in your country chats to find the best solutions on how to distribute country forces to win as many fronts as possible.


How to set moves?
Once you have picked the front, you enter the Battlefield to set the fighting formation.
No matter you are fighting as an attacker or defender you always need to allocate ALL of your fighting units on the batllefield (a 8×5 tile map).

Those units present your country power directly on the battlefield! The number of units is always the same and can not be changed – every day you get the same amount of units to set (no matter if you have won/ lost the last fight).

As Defender you have:
3 defensive buildings, one per row, which will attack/prevent any tank from moving further (1 square forward and diagonally) until either are destroyed.
-5 Defense Strikes, which will at beginning damage any enemy tanks they might hit.
-3 Mines, which if a tank drives over damages them.

As attacker:
-3 tanks, one per row, which will move and attack in a straight line.
-5 Attack strikes, which will at beginning damage any enemy buildings they might hit.

When all the units are set you need to confirm the fighting formation to save your positions on the front.
Now, you are all ready for the battle!
The fight will occur according to the most voted/selected strategy moves from the front players, and you’ll be afterward rewarded according to moves you set on the front.

Setting moves

Setting moves/ fighting formation

Users have 1 chance per day to change the front, where they’ll be able to set ”time of arrival” for the change, which will alleviate any timezones advantages for all users.

Changing fronts

Changing fronts


Every country front/battle can be replayed to the users the day after the moves were set on the battlefield.
A replay is a dynamic animation of a country battle and it ‘explains’ on how the country lost/won the battle and how your decisions as a player were accepted/ not.

Yesterdays results

Yesterdays results

We created Leaderboards where you can check your country standings inside the Tier and to see what it needs to climb in stronger Tiers.



On Day 3 you will already know the basics of Country VS. Country fights, so keep in mind that the Voting is really important as it generates the battles, so use the Voting rights as often as you can and don’t forget to set your moves on the battlefield as might bring you some great rewards for doing so!



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