We are closer than ever!

Tomorrow we are releasing the long-awaited feature: Country Vs. Country (CvC) battles, which will be found within Country Headquarters in War Zone.
If you still didn’t manage to get to Country Headquarters (opens up at battle 39), then tomorrow’s release is a great reason for you to get there!

* Every player who reaches Rank 7 – (Sergeant I)  will get the power to participate in country battles – a lot of unique rewards await you!

** If you haven’t yet also use up your Spoil Points in Country HQ, as they will be reset tomorrow (for technical and balance reasons) with the release of CvC – we will however give everyone a starting amount of Spoil Points to give you a taste of the new cool rewards immediately!

…If you haven’t yet, please VOTE for War Clicks in the Finals (just 2 days left!) – & share the link with your friends to help the game reach the Title of Best Indie Game of 2018!


P.S.: We heard rumors that Santa is going bad this year and that he’s prepared an event for you starting this Saturday…

Wish you lots of fun! :)