A big day for War Clicks is here!

We are thrilled that we have finally released a completely new feature: Country vs. Country (CvC) battles.

A long-awaited CVC feature is LIVE

A long-awaited CVC feature is LIVE

You should take into consideration that not all aspects of CvC will be visible to you today, due to how the feature works (Voting, front selection, battles) – and will take a few days for all parts of it to populate properly.

However, we have added everyone some spoil points so you can try out the cool NEW rewards you can buy with them in Country Headquaters!
*Country HQ requires battle 39 in War Zone to access and make sure to refresh the game if you’re currently in-game to see everything properly.
So the first day you can explore around the new feature and get a better idea of how everything will work. And tomorrow the first decision of who to attack will be put forth for your country!
P.S.: We heard rumors that Santa is going bad this year and that he’s prepared an event for you starting this Saturday…
Wish you lots of fun!

Enjoy! 😉