We want to give you a quick update on this. As all of these updates are quite significant in their own, we want to make sure we do them all properly, and also to not suddenly shower you with them.

Also, if we worked on finishing all of them properly before releasing anything, we think that 3-4 weeks without any updates is quite a lot, and that we will probably be better off splitting these updates into a few batches.

This will help us keep better development focus, ensure you are not showered with tons of huge updates suddenly, help us develop/think certain things through better and generally ensure better update quality and keep things more interesting for you all!

In short, we will be releasing these updates in this order, we are aiming to release the first & most cruicial one, sometime next week:

*Information is condensed here, to outline the major changes only. Any boosts or specifics mentioned are still subject to change/balancing.

1) Lategame rework and extending Boot Camp gameplay

This includes being able to start a new Boot Camp at a certain point, which will get you started on a new fresh Boot Camp, as you expand your military production.

This will ensure you can always get more units deployed to War Zone, as you will never be stopped by “slow late game progression” and exponential issues the game brings.

New BCs will give you permanent score MX, permanent MX to deploying support units, and also you will be able to choose 2 different perks/bonuses for each Boot Camp playthrough:

First one is a specialization choice, which will give you air/land/sea BC units a significant production boost, plus a permanent deploy unit boost to the same unit type.

Second is an additional bonus, that will allow you to choose your playstyle/goals better, and give you a different playing experience (lategame, all-round, WZ focused) – Privatization MX increase, cheaper BC upgrades or extra support units deployed.

This update will also include the new and improved handling of storing and creating War Zon battles, as part of major optimizations and ensuring scalability.

As with this update (and later research system) the issue of “lack of support units” will be resolved, we will be putting a hard cap on “quick deploying” as it is a detrimental part of the game experience. This will likely be made so, that deploying with under 50% boost will not deploy any units to War Zone – which still leaves some room for optimizing deploying in early/mid game, and prevents users “exploiting” this feature and “forcing” users in a very bad micro-management play style experience.

Have a look at the improved overlay for the new Boot Camps feature (not final, but basic draft), which will display various things neatly (ensure the feature is properly explained, past BC progress can be seen, top player checks), such as various boosts that you gained from all the Boot Camps:


2) Basic research system plus level/rank/Achievements rebalance/Rework

The research system with the basic features and basic set of boosts will be released. Any research points gained from renown/level/rank/achievements will be recalculated for the past on release, so in case you’d go to the new BC world, you’ll also gain any research points for your past efforts properly.

3) Research system extensions

Additional improvements to research system, such as combine, more types of boosts etc. will be added

4) QoL features for lategame, that will help deal with micromanagement of repeat lategame actions (BC, WZ…), pending bugfixes & core gameplay loop experience improvements

I.e. this covers looking deeply into any remaining saving issues, settings for automation, AC fixes/improvements, PvP improvements…