Unfortunately, we had a few unforeseen things to deal with and were not able to complete the updates properly to release this week as we had initially hoped (plus we wanted the current competition week to end), but we will definitely be able to release it this coming week!

Currently, we aim to release on Monday or Tuesday, during which there will be a maintenance period of 1-6 hours as we’ll have to adjust some things with user states to properly work with all the new improvements and new content. However, as this is a major update that deals with some of the core code and user states, we’d like to ask for your understanding should any additional delays happen – things are currently looking good, but we want to be as certain as possible that things will work properly in all areas from the start.

We just wanted to give you a heads up, especially if any of the coming changes might affect your choice of strategy in the coming days. For this purpose, and to get you a bit more familiar with the details of the update, we’ve prepared a condensed overview of the update below:

This particular update is set to revitalize boring late-game Boot Camp (BC) gameplay, provide you with un-drainable source of replenishing your support units and with that keep late-game War Zone (WZ) more dynamic, resolve the annoying “quick deploying” issue, spice up the weekly competitions and resolve some issues there, give you different strategy options/game focus, and also introduce some game optimizations (front and backend), that will allow us to scale the game further and improve your experience.

Tactical Map – extending Boot Camp gameplay
Reaching 1e200 Power Points in Boot Camp allows you to start commanding a New Boot Camp from scratch, giving you plenty of (long term)benefits:
A permanent support units MX when deploying (min +100%, +3% for starting a new BC with every e1 (X10) higher than minimum)
Specialize your new Boot Camp in a certain military branch (your land/air/sea units

gain a 2x/3x/4x production multiplier in this new Boot Camp, plus a 10% permanent deploy support units boost for this military branch)
Additional perk choice for your new Boot Camp (higher privatization MX, cheaper BC upgrades, 100% extra support units deployed)
Renown Rewards are collectible from scratch (Resets Renown level)
You will be able to deploy more and more often again, increasing your War Zone army, and your convert reward will be more efficient again
Permanent score MX from your current Boot Camp gains, will be saved and multiply with all other(past) BC score MXs
You will KEEP your investors and also unlocks a set of investor upgrades

  • Your old Boot Camp(s) will not be playable any more – but in the future, we might be able to implement that option for potential achievement purposes only


Renewed and bigger sources of generating support units, resolving “quick deploying issue”
As you can see new Boot Camps will introduce 3 new boosts to support unit deployment, on top of giving you a never-ending chance to deploy units over and over again.
As these changes will now provide more than enough support unit generation, it allows us to put a hard cap on “quick deploying” support units, which is an annoying side effect of the current gameplay for most users and creates a bad, slow gameplay loop that requires too much micromanagement or scripting.
To deploy units to War Zone, you will need to generate at least a 50% increase in contractors boost – you will stay be able to deploy lower if you’d choose so, merely the units will not be sent to War Zone as support units in that case. This will still allow for some micromanagement/optimization via quick deploying at early/mid game, but to a far smaller extent. Especially when we will later on also add various QoL tools helping you out choose your strategy.

Incentives to play past minimum “new BC requirement”
To add choice of strategy and gameplay style, there are several factors that make pushing past e200 a sensible strategy choice, and also ensures all players who already passed it, get well-deserved bonuses from this(past) Boot Camp(s):
A higher permanent score MX
A higher permanent deployed support units MX
Additional renown rewards (new sizeable gold rewards will be added for reaching renowns at e200 and e300) – players who already reached these WILL have this additional gold added to their account when an update comes out
Some additional research Points collected for reaching higher renowns (this will be recalculated and added when the next part of updates comes out)
A higher “all time” max Power Points reached in past Boot Camps, giving you recognition amongst other players, as top players in each BC, will be listed on the “tactical map”

Also, additional BC upgrades will be added at the late-game (past e200) that will allow gameplay extension past that point faster.
Note that we will not exaggerate with these upgrades, as we have to leave some room for the addition of boosts from technologies, that will come with the upcoming research system.

How will this affect Weekly Competitions
With score competitions, your old BC score MX from Power Points being saved, means that privatizations within new worlds, will not affect you as much compared to new users as they do now
With contractors competition, current BCs will be looked at, meaning that old users will now have a chance to compete with new users in relative contractor increase gains again
With Power Points competition, current BCs will be looked at, meaning that new users will now have a chance to compete with old users, who might have started their Power Points from scratch in a new BC world
Levels competition will be unaffected

OTHER notable changes
War Zone system of storing and handling battles reworked an optimized, this will also result in better distribution of units in battles, causing less overclick damage.
PvP max support unit loss % will be reduced slightly as well
Using bribe will no longer reset your trainer specializations (but it will still NOT deploy units, we have to consider that more thoroughly still)
Some quick optimizations were done to Boot Camp cycling, using up significantly less processor/memory especially at late game, and keeping animations smoother.
Also, some small optimizations were already done to progress saving issues, but these will be looked at more thoroughly in the coming weekly.