It is finally here – the first and most crucial major update that is to come on War Clicks in May – Late-game rework & “New Boot Camps”!

We’ve already released a bunch of general info about it and what all it entailed, but as the update is now live we’re going to quickly list all the changes and updates that come with it.

You can also find more general information in one of our previous posts about this update, if you haven’t read them yet:

*NOTE: Before proceeding, we’d just like to note down that we have done our best to release this update as clean, bug free and well-balanced as possible, we would still like to ask for your understanding should you find any issues and report them to us if you do, so we may correct them as soon as possible. It was simply an update of massive scale, so we might have missed something, despite rigorous testing. Especially if you find a game-breaking bug or an exploit, please report those immediately and we will gladly reward any such first reports for it. If you experience any new issues with this feature (like map scrolling) we suggest to use Google Chrome/Firefox for time being. Thank you for your understanding, now enjoy the details of the update ;)*


  • Tactical map feature, where you can choose to start a new Boot Camp after reaching 1e200 total power points. This starts a new Boot Camp from scratch, and makes you unable to play the current one further. But you gain huge permanent boosts from your old boot Camp (increase in support units deployed, and permanent score MX from your current Boot Camp). You also can choose Boot Camp’s specialization and an extra perk for the new Boot Camp, that allows you to grow it quicker, and also generate a ton more support units. A new Boot Camp gives you additional benefits, such as being able to deploy a ton more often again, generating yourself more support units over time, resetting your Renown level and giving you a chance to gain all of their rewards again.

  • Storing and handling of Battles and units in War Zone has been reworked, which is mostly a backend change, but will help us optimize some performance and scaling issues the game had. Units will now be created in smaller formations, causing less damage overflow, and also allowing us to introduce new interesting upgrades with the upcoming research system.

  • the way we store Boot Camp units and support units in War Zone has been reworked and allows us to scale them far further than we used to

  • With the new Boot Camps and tons of boosts to support unit deployments that you will now gain over time, this allowed us to put a hard cap on “quick deploying”, as that has become a major issue. From now on, deploying in Boot Camp when you’d gain less than 50% of overall contractors increase, will still be possible, BUT it will NOT send those units to War Zone. This still allows for some micromanagement/optimization in early/mid game, but prevents the game turning into a script war and becoming an annoying grind, that halts your Boot Camp progression completely. Now, trying to speed up your Boot Camp will be a perfectly good strategy to generate a lot more support units over time, via the help of the various permanent multipliers you can gain.

  • Max losses of support units during PvP has been reduced from 3% to 2%.

  • Design change of Boot Camp progress bars, that indicate which of your units are specialized, as well as indicating a new Boot Camp was added

  • Some cycling code in Boot Camp has been optimized, that should cause less CPU and RAM usage, and make the animations a bit smoother, especially when you reach 5k+ units.

  • When you reach your second Boot Camp, you will also unlock a second upgrade to all investors, which will double their contractor boost they provide.

  • A ton of new upgrades were added to Boot Camp past e200 point, allowing you to reach much further, and keep that part of the game faster paced. Note that we will continue tweaking this and have left some room, especially because of the upcoming research system which will introduce new boosts

  • some bugs with deploying (deploy button not lighting up immediately) have been fixed, and it should now work better & faster

  • A ton of new units have been added to War Zone, making things a bit more exciting and fresh again!

  • Fixed a bug where in some browser the top right part of the game (menu) was unclickable for some users

  • Using bribe in Boot Camp will no longer reset your trainer specialization. This makes this feature more useful again, especially if trying to go for faster Boot Camp runs. Note that bribing, will still NOT deploy your units to War Zone.

  • Some other smaller bug fixes and improvements were also done in this update

We hope you enjoy this update as it definitely makes some of the playing a lot more enjoyable and expands your expansion potentials a ton both in Boot Camp as in War Zone :)

  • For any additional reports, issues or suggestions/Clarifications for this update please post here, we will be happy to help you out!

In the following week we will look to improving the “progress saving issue” in any remaining cases, fix any issues that might be reported of this update, as well as continue preparing the second major part of May updates – Research System!