We’ve deployed a bunch of game updates during the last week:

-Fixed a bug where while clicking, autoclicker might act as if out of focus and „stacking up damage“. This made it lag and in case of Boss Battles skip the timer a bit ahead.

-The game will now properly fetch user data and re init all displays on start of BootCamp in case of a logout/auth change during gameplay (this might have happen in a logout during the gameplay)

– Game help will now open in-game. Help section will be vastly updated in the following days as well

– Fixed/improved the way council’s voting share works. Before in case of under 20 council members, or 20 council and just a few users, the game forced council to have exactly i.e. 75% of the say. Now if council by default has already the required voting power or more, no additional balancing will be done. This ensures council members always have the biggest say to make important decisions (before it could happen in some cases that non-council members actually had more say)

– all CountryHQ pop-ups working on server requests have now been added to „retry queue“. This ensures the game will retry to open them in case of a server connection failiure on an attempt (i.e. CountryHQ sometimes not opening)

– Cursor target optimized on WarZone attacking. Also fixed to properly work within iframe (ArmorGames, 3rd party sites). It should now be smoother.

– Added splash attack animation in War Zone when clicking or using an autoclicker.

– Today we have also re-balanced renown rewards to be more useful/valuable. Renown ranks, goals and rewards will be further looked in more thoroughly in a future update, this was a short term improvement.

We are also working on a special summer surprise for everyone next week – stay tuned and make sure to check back! 😉

In the following week we are still focusing on another platform integration, after which we will fully devote our time to various improvements, all important game balance/progression changes, as well as start working on Country vs Country option. Meanwhile we will still be trickling out various improvement and quality of life updates!