Do you ever feel that you’re progressing slower than you’d like? For players that LOVE faster progression, we created a product called Time Warp!

Time Warps are always there to help you progress through the Boot Camp faster. They are like time machines – you’re jumping into the future, gaining all Power Points during the specific period of time.

At times of a completely new world release – Boot Camp on War Clicks, we’ve added a few options of Time Warps, which stayed in the Shop for the whole time & lots of players grab the benefits of this product. We must say that generally speaking players love to use Time Warps, because they can feel the faster progression just in seconds after using a chance. So, Time Warps are close by the side of Investors, if we compare the popularity of products in Boot Camp.

As we lately test some products, we’ve seen that our strongest Time Warp (12 hours) won’t stay the strongest furthermore as players on mid/late game stages don’t find it as useful as it is at the beginning of playing the game.
So, the decision was made & we decided to create additional/ STRONGER and more powerful products! 4 & 8-Times stronger Time Warps are now released and could be used inside the Shop section. 48 & 96- hour Time Warps might help you beat some of your nearest competitors or just create way better experience of playing the game! It’s up to you!

NEW & Stronger Time Warps

NEW & Stronger Time Warps

-> Did you ever experience a boost from Time Warp?
Feel its usefulness and warp into the future now!