Here’s a short update on today’s development update:

– New Wallpapers added (for Bootcamp & War Zone)
– New Renown reward display
– Starting tutorial improvements
– Competitions – profile images added on ranking lists
– Achievements – broken displays fixed

Additional Types of game Customization added!

We promised months ago that we’ll be working on adding additional elements of game customization as we found a bit more time to implement them. The time has come and we kept our promises & released new Wallpapers today!

New Wallpapers were created for both worlds: Boot Camp and War Zone, so that you guys can use them now. As we’ve been testing them for some time now, we can assure you, that using new wallpapers really adds a lot of fun to the game and improve the experience of production and fighting as well!


For now, we’ve added 3 new Wallpapers for Boot Camp and additional 2 for War Zone! We’re sharing a sneak peak of new graphics that can be used from today on! Get yours today, and feel the difference!

– Renown improvements

Reward on achieving a certain Titles in Boot Camp (Renown) have now been added. Let’s check on the example below:

Renown_upcoming rewards

Renown_upcoming rewards

‘Renown’ rewards are now displayed under Green & Gold Supply Crates, to give players a quick insight into upcoming reward they’ll get for reaching next Title – Renown.

We’ve added some smaller tutorial fixes and change the color on Tutorial confirmation messages.

War Clicks Team