Wondering what our latest short-term plans were?
What we’ve been working on in the previous days?

Here’s a short update:
– Stronger Time Warps added (48h + 96 h)
Players on mid/late-game stages will now be able to find additional value in stronger Time Warps – a product that kicks you in the future for some hours. As a reward, the user gets all gained Power Points generated through that time immediately)
(6 h Time Warp is no longer available to purchase)
– Speed up product (deleted) –product somehow stayed in the Shop for longer than it should, as it didn’t have the big impact on the game, we decided to give it out; players could instead of this product use Unlock TC
– Army Setup improvements
small improvements that will more likely show the user all gains that can be achievable via certain upgrades more clearly
– The Biggest and the craziest Shop Product added! – CRAZY GOLD DROP – 100,000 Gold!
– Investor /Trainers popup improvements – A sum of Total Investor Bonus was added and also a counter of Total Trainers hired
– New Promo Pack created & added – Ultimate KIT (consists of 100k gold + 3xDPC for 7days  + 10x SPIN THE WHEEL chances) – the product was created in demand of players that love to get additional bonuses on Purchases.  Ultimate KIT pops up after user bought all current Promo Packs (Starter Kit, Explosive Kit, Warrior Kit)

New Product: Ultimate KIT

That’s just a short update on what’s been done lately and added today, in upcoming posts we will be more specific and share more details about the new products.
The next week we have lots of news to share about the game, so we can’t wait to see everything done!

Enjoy using the new products! 😉