Today, we had a great briefing at our office regarding the future of War Clicks! There’s a lot of things we still want to properly consider to work towards, but we wanted to give you more information on what we are definitely focusing on next and working in the following weeks/months. We’ll soon follow up with more details on a more long-term plan for the game as well!

War Clicks idle game

War Clicks game

So without further ado, let’s get into the fun part – what we’ll be delivering to you in the following days/weeks :)


We are currently working on various unlock additions to the command center, primarily focusing on Quality of Life (QoL) and automation settings, as we believe that is a very important part of any deep incremental to make it more enjoyable by simplifying repeat of arbitrary actions!


First of them, we plan to add the “Buy all units” option to Boot Camp, which will allow you to buy all BC units (based on your current buy amount setting) in a specific order – which you will be able to set -we are aiming to add this tomorrow 😉


Besides that, we also want to add a buy 10/Max to Army Setup in War Zone, “best benefit” order to Army Setup HQ upgrades, AutoClicker boosts + improvements, and various other similar settings. Lastly, we are strongly considering adding a comprehensive automation system to Boot Camp, which would allow you to automate some of the most repeatable/boring actions based on some parameters you would set. As this option might bring some undesired effects, we want to properly consider it, and will present the basic idea next week, and see what all of you would think about that. We think that our game (especially at late stages) would really benefit from it, but would like to first hear more from you about that before going forward with it. Expect more info on that next week – meanwhile we appreciate any thoughts on that!


– Command Center will receive a few more very interesting upgrades and unlocks in the following weeks (we can’t wait to release that!)

– In-game chat will finally receive a mute and report options (so that you could adjust the chat according to your preferences)

– We will be working on adding clearer in-game goals, to help maintain more players and expand our community, as well as taking the opportunity to potentially rework the current poorly designed Daily tasks and Missions, which currently have some subpar rewards, are boring, hard to reach, and… did we say boring/stale/too repeatable yet?


We would also like to take the opportunity to give some special recognition and thanks to some of the players that have supported and helped us in so many different ways the past year – these players will receive special titles which we will showcase in the following days! 😉