Re-based code deploy – Fixes update

Yesterday we have deployed the re-based code of WarClicks, and unfortunately we have missed some things in testing. Specifically the issue some of the top players had with negative scores we are taking care of now – some bugs in the new code caused scores over 2^32 to be considered as Integers.


We already got rid of the bug, and are now working on a script that will return all scores of the affected players to their real, pre-deploy state. The scores should be sorted within a few hours from this post.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and the slip in testing!


  1. We have removed the bug, and have restored the scores for all players affected.

    Again, apologies for any inconvenience caused and thanks to everyone who helps by reporting any such issues. We are also looking if there are any other leftover bugs – if you spot one, we highly appreciate it if you could let us know at

  2. Defense is not working for me. When the time’s up, it looks like the game crashed.

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