We have some very exciting news for you! It has been a crazy August and a busy September with some delays in deployments, and just generally we were not able to be as focused on WarClicks development as we would like to have been, to be able to deliver all that we still have in mind for this game.

Therefore we are thrilled to let you know that we have secured a partnership with a company that will enable us to fully devote to WarClicks development for a few

business collaboration

months! They love the ideas we have for this game and what we can bring to this genre. We can not wait to start focusing on WarClicks starting next week, and make huge progress in the following fronts:

– Remaining bug fixes/issues with defense, drops, invasion, etc.
– Addition of idle gameplay (Training course) will be priority of the build
– Various gameplay mechanic and performance optimizations, move to canvas

We will try to keep you posted with some sneak peaks of additional graphics of the idle play as well :)