Quick general update

Crazy August is finally over – Mix of vacation, business trips and busyness with projects has prevented us from keeping in close contact with you guys in relation to WarClicks. But that aside, we have managed to get a lot done – even though with some unexpected delays and extra work with the game code re-base, but at least we will have a lot of future development issues solved by doing more in one go than we initially planned.


code rework

Game Code re-base

We are planning to have the re-based code fully tested and deployed by the end of this week. The difference should mainly be visible in some performance improvements, but mainly get rid of all the annoying server lag between units/battles, as now parts of game data are stored on front end, allowing smoother play without server interruptions even in cases of big response times.  Along the way we also got rid of several bugs, and plan to get rid of another batch of them after the re-base deploy. Thanks to everyone who keeps in touch and reports any bugs or issues and keeps supporting us despite them! We really appreciate it and it keeps us driven to get the rest of the game developed ASAP :)


Future of WarClicks:

Like it was already mentioned in the previous posts, we are now working on all specifications needed to implement another function to Warclicks. It’s the ‘biggest so far’ as it will change all parts of the gameplay in some way. The game will finally become playable for “unlimited” periods, which is our goal – to give you as much play time and reason to return back as many times as you wish! Implementing ‘idle game/elements’ will take a lot of specifications, calculations and game logic to get all the players better user experience as the idle play will intertwine with the current attacking/active clicking part. We are certain that after implementing ‘idle elements’ more people will join and stay in the game, expanding the active community, and giving us further boost to expanding the game faster. We are already preparing some aggressive marketing campaigns that will follow afterwards.  Special thanks to all the players promoting the game on social media channels, forums and spreading the word amongst their friends.


We can’t wait to implement the biggest update so far, because then it’s going for real. Warclicks is getting more and more players each day, so just imagine where we can get to after all improvements, bigger playerbase, more active players,… As that will open us up for some even more interesting future game updates :)


Team WarClicks.com


  1. Hungary is still stuck at 71 players. Why is it happening?

  2. Hmm, I have just tried to register as Hungarian and it all worked properly for me. There are some multi-accounting prevention checks we do on registration, so possibly that is the reason? Could happen if you are doing the registration from the same public place perhaps?
    If that might be the reason let us know so we can mellow down the checks a bit for such cases.

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