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Current development focus

As we have recently released two HUGE features (Events and CvC(+Alliance Fights)) we now want to focus on some issues and updates we had to put on the side during the development of those.

First some major bugfixes & improvements will be sorted, then we will also do some major balancing updates (more on that below) that will make the game pace more exciting, especially in late game.

While we will be chipping through most of the full bug/improvements/ideas lists, we will be prioritizing these bugfixes/improvements in the following weeks to get as many sorted as possible:

  • Remaining War Zone progress revert issues, and clarification of such, to prevent issue snowballing if user has no idea of what caused it (i.e. 3rd party autoclickers causing overclicking)
  • Resolving any issues with completion and collection of Daily Tasks and Missions
  • Resolve various autoclicker bugs (in-out of focus bugs where it freezes, more consistent clicking speed…)
  • Improve our 10 clicks/s limit handling so it does not happen that AC delivers less clicks than it should, and also try to covney this info to user more clearly
  • Daily Mission with clicks as a task have take into account 2x/3x DPC upgrades
  • Try to improve our timer handling, as off focus currently halts them and they don’t „make up“ when you get, making their information out of date
  • Look into any issues with shortcuts firing when they shouldn’t (i.e. On certain popups)
  • Chat needs to get some love with bugfixes and improvements (text disappearing, invisible messages, …)
  • More improvements to the in-game autoclicker – while we allow use of 3rd party autoclickers (as there’s a 10 CPS limit anyway), we don’t want you to have to go to resort to them (if the in-game one was working well enough)
  • Look into some performance improvements
  • Various smaller bugs (total GPS sometimes disappearing…)

We also want to look into the following:

  • Improving the usage of 2x/3x DPC upgrades, Bribe option, AutoClicker), PvP simulations improvements/balance
  • Some QoL features (buy all units, more various usefull settings, deploy aura)

CvC/Alliance fights will also be getting some continued improvements and better balancing. Some of the Country HQ features and Country Invasion fights will also be getting some improvements and better balancing.

As there is a new Event coming (23rd January) we will also be working on some Continue reading

Info on bug fixes and improvements in the past few days

Hey all!

We just wanted to drop some info about the recent improvements/bug fixes in the past few days to help shed some clarity on what’s been sorted and what not, so if there’s some issues you still spot let us know about it and we will resolve them as quickly as possible!

Fixes: – Massive improvements on WarZone progression/state checking (main cause of “reinitiating before PvP battles”). This means that units drops, battle stars, daily tasks, achievements, unit kills, damage done, mission rewards, wheel rewards, tc… basically any warzone related action should now be properly saved. So if you still spot any inconsistencies please do let us know about it so we might investigate further!

  • battle type achievements and units destroyed achievements weren’t being checked properly, so you might notice getting them for “the past”
  • some WZ upgrades were causing small miscalculations with DPC
  • icons showing up/popping up should be properly sorted
  • pvp battle simulation improvements
  • addition of help popups on most confusing/important features
  • help section reworked with new information

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Quick general update

Crazy August is finally over – Mix of vacation, business trips and busyness with projects has prevented us from keeping in close contact with you guys in relation to WarClicks. But that aside, we have managed to get a lot done – even though with some unexpected delays and extra work with the game code re-base, but at least we will have a lot of future development issues solved by doing more in one go than we initially planned.


code rework

Game Code re-base

We are planning to have the re-based code fully tested and deployed by the end Continue reading