As a part of the Country Invasion rework (now renamed to Country Headquarters as it will feature more functions), we were kind of forced to create a new, more relevant Radar – Battle screen! We decided to start working on the new Battle screen, because of all of its features that haven’t been connected with each other as they needed to be!

Some might say that it is similar to the previous version, but this might be true only in case of a design, but not as much in case of user experience. New players (from the previous version) weren’t aware of the connection of Fuel and Time Challenge, when getting to War Zone for the first time – yet it is one of the core game loops!
Those functions are connected as if you’re out of Fuel, you need to finish a Time challenge to gain more. That’s why we decided to visually connect Fuel and Time Challenge (you’ll now click on the Refuel button to open Time Challenge).

New Radar – Battle Screen

Daily rewards and Spin the Wheel icons are now dressed in new outfits, looking more smooth as they are meant to pop-up mostly once per day.

As lots of new things are coming to Country Headquarters, we decided to give this feature a bigger  importance. Headquarters will soon be more important than Country Invasion was in the past, so it deserves great visibility – more space on the radar.

We’ve also changed DPC appearance. Those icons now fit directly above the balance of Damage Per Click (DPC), that’s something that should be improved a long, long time ago. Hopefully, we’ll have enough time before the upcoming release of new functions to finish the functionality and offer our players a completely new experience here – lots of players are willing to use 2x/3X DPC more frequently, why not make it more convenient to directly buy those upgrades by simply clicking on those icons (drop-down menu opens with different types of upgrades).

There was also a mess on the top part of the Radar (battle-type display). Players were a bit confused what those icons meant and why they are important. With the improved version we’ve added a progression bar signifying battle completion until the next battle, as we find this urgent to show players which type of battle is next, so they could start preparing – for example for the Boss battle!
We’ve also changed the position of a number of units in specific battle, as they might be misunderstood by some players as standing next to battle number.

We believe Radar – Battle screen will now offer a better fighting experience, features will be more clear, DPC will be able to be used faster (shortcuts), progressing through battles will be presented with visual effects, animations… with all that, we should finally reach our goals of War Zone fighting. Easier to understand, easier to use, better experience of fighting, all in all what’s most important: MORE FUN!

We are still preparing some smaller improvements on specific parts of the game (mostly improved design and user experience), we are finishing Country Invasion rework meanwhile and already testing every part of the new features, fixing small design issues…  Most of the Math behind the upcoming feature is now finished! We’d like to go Live with the feature at the beginning of the next week. Feature could be uploaded even today, but we don’t want to risk anything and go out unprepared for some issues that might occur with too little testing!

Have a great day, during the weekend we will share more details on how new Country Headquarters will work, presenting different parts of the feature, and more…
Stay close! 😉