As you already know one of the main goals of the upcoming WarClicks rework were to improve tons of bugs and performance issues and improve the user experience/functionality of the game… and make it look awesome with a complete graphical overhaul!

But we’re finally giving you a glimpse of THE biggest mechanical change – the way WarZone works and how it connects to BootCamp. WarZone has mechanically been pretty much the same since the first version of the game, and a big thorn in our development vision, as simply put, a lot of things with it just didn’t feel all that good… Too linear progression, not much connection with BootCamp, and it just got too repetitive way too fast because of that (and the bad UI/bugs!).

So one of the first changes we are doing, is making it connect with BootCamp in a meaningful and unique way! With the rework, units you build and train in BootCamp will be actually sent to WarZone when you deploy, and represent one of your main powers in battles. They will become a part of a support force, which you will be able to tactically use to help you progress through battles.  Choosing support at the right times can make all the difference…

WarZone rework

WarZone rework

Not only will they act as a support force, but also contribute for a part of your DPC.  You will also be able to upgrade the units in WarZone – will you specialize in upgrading your support power or increasing your DPC?

Wait, there is more! Your support units will not only become another number on WarZone – more importantly they will also become a tool/asset in various other parts. It’s a war out there and you will suffer loses as you go along. How and when exactly that will happen, we will give more info on when we introduce Boss Battles and PvP battles in the following weeks.

As support units will become a major asset in WarZone, this will introduce a lot of new strategy options, and what you focus on and specialize in. No more linearity – there will be various tactics and strategies for grasp now, and with that keeping those top spots on the leaderboards might not be as easy anymore… Not only will it affect your decisions in WarZone, but in BootCamp as well. Since you only gain support units when you deploy, will you be going for long rallies of gathering PowerPoints via bribes, or rather try to deploy as soon as possible to get another set of reinforcements?


So yes – DPC, clicking and fuel are staying in the WarZone as we feel it is an integral part of the experience – there simply has to be destruction and chaos! (Much reworked, with better animations and more unit variety to destroy!) But, they will not be the only thing determining how strong you are and how you progress. A lot of new elements and strategies will be added now, that will make it far more interesting and create a lot more competition.