Main Mission:

– Collect 10 Points by sharing the word about War Clicks to become a War Clicks’ AMBASSADOR
(read the Rules to get more details about it)

Winners of the Challenge #2 will be announced at least 3 days after the Challenge ends on our Official Reddit Channel! At that time we’ll also deliver the rewards to all those who manage to complete the Challenge!

The Rewards (to every user who complete the Challenge):

  • 3.000 Gold
  • 5x Free Spins
  • Title (User Trophy): War Clicks Ambassador


Challenge #2 is now LIVE!
Like we already mentioned, not every challenge will be the same. And not every challenge is meant to be related directly to playing for rewards or such. Mostly, it may be considered as gaming related, but not each and every time. Some may reward your other (not gaming related) skills that you have, so why not getting some special Honorable recognition (such as Titles are), if you have the ability to complete it. As we’ve built a global game, where players are fighting for their countries – we’d like to expand the game’s popularity within the local gaming communities!

That’s why we decided to run a special Challenge where we’ll be searching for loyal War Clicks’ Ambassadors– between all of our players that are open to share the word about War Clicks around and get credited with rewards and Titles in exchange! We do aware that this particular challenge is not for everyone, not everyone is willing to share and participate here. No hard feelings here, as not every challenge is meant to be for all players on War Clicks, as it depends on the player’s profile and preferences. But maybe, you can find something interesting in the next Challenges that will be gaming or other category related (feel free to share your best idea with us).

As the game is globally based – we can not cover all countries, and probably you know your local audience and gaming sites/ forums better, that’s where we really appreciate your support on sharing the word between your friends and local communities. You can share the word about War Clicks on local (or global) forums, discussion sites, blogs, social media channels, news sites – generally on sites you spend the most time on!


Why join the Challenge?

  • Some countries still don’t have all Country Council slots filled, but this may change now – some countries may become stronger if their users decide to participate
  • Help your country climb the leaderboards
  • Earn yourself some extra rewards and your first (or next) Honorable Title
  • Challenge is not hard to complete
  • Become a War Clicks’ AMBASSADOR
  • Help us increase the popularity of the game (more players= more FUN!)
Titles_ User Trophies EXAMPLE

Titles_ User Trophies EXAMPLE


Goals of this Challenge:
What do we want to achieve with more players sharing the word around the game?

  • increase the player-base
  • increase the number of signups
  • more players = more fun
  • offer more interesting game updates in the future, QoL improvements



  • Don’t spam!

IMPORTANT!! How to claim the reward of this Challenge / Who is eligible to get a reward?
Players that send us a complete report on after they complete the mission of this Challenge (Reach 10 points) during June, 24th and July, 8th!
(Please make sure to send us all the specific links of sites from where you want your post to be credited with points)

if you have posted something on your Facebook profile, make sure to send us the direct link from where we can easily see the post.
So, please send us FULL links and do not shorten them!

Main Mission – CHALLENGE #2- Goal: Collect 10 PTS (in Total)

How to collect Points?
-Mention War Clicks on some of the sources mentioned below (count if you include the link or mention ‘War Clicks’, share/like/retweet):

1.Social Media Posts (Facebook/Twitter Posts):

  • Post (Mention War Clicks) on your Personal Facebook/ Twitter Page – 2 PTS (4 PTS for both channels; do not count on NEW social media accounts!)
  • Share one of our posts on Facebook – 2 PTS (for 1 share, only 1 credited at max.- total 2PTS max.)
  • Like one of our posts on Facebook – 1 PTS (for 1 like, only 1 credited at max.- total 1PTS max.)
  • Like one of our posts on Twitter – 1 PTS (for 1 like, only 1 credited at max.- total 1PTS max.)
  • Retweet one of our posts on Twitter – 2 PTS (for 1 RT, only 1 credited at max.- total 2PTS max.)

2.Blog/ Forum/ News site posts:

  • mention War Clicks in ‘What are you playing’ type of content or other gaming related content site – 2 PTS (2PTS/ per comment; total 10 PTS max)
  • mention war clicks on a general forum site – 1 PTS (1PTS/comment; total 10PTS max)
  • change your Forum signature to War Clicks (must stay for at least 7 days)– 2 PTS (2PTS/signature; 10PTS max if user change signature on 5 different forums; counts only on forums where user have at least 10 posts)


  • Every Mention of War Clicks with the complete name and a short description or link of the game included – 1 PTS (1PTS/mention; 10 PTS max; don’t spam)

All players who manage to collect at least 10 PTS according to the tables above will (after we confirm the points) get the rewards (3000 Gold + 5x Spin the Wheel) and a Title of War Clicks’ ambassador!
EXTRA: We will also manually pick ONE best performer of this Challenge (who will post the best article/ post about War Clicks and reach huge audience with it!) and deliver a special Ambassador badge to him!

So, as soon as you collect in Total: 10 PTS you are eligible to collect the reward (make sure to send us the report with all links included to be able to get the reward).

Important: Keep on track your links and War Clicks mentioned and send us the prove/ links where you mentioned War Clicks to collect the Challenge rewards!

Please have in mind that we could raise the limitations for the rewards on this challenge, but we didn’t want to, as we don’t want you guys to act spammy all around just to collect the rewards. Instead of this, please just make sure to do your best and expose War Clicks between your friends, colleagues, schoolmates – we all just want to spread the word around, so that you guys will gain more players within your countries and that we can assure you some important updates in the future!

IDEA: In case you want to use one of our images when posting about War Clicks on your Facebook / Twitter profiles, here is the link:

We wish you lots of fun on the road to complete the Challenge! 😉