As we promised before, we now added the Special Titles page to user profiles (this will show only if you have collected some already).Titles page

Titles page

When you win something BIG – an event, a challenge (or something else announced on a special occasion) YOU GET a TITLE, which is later presented within your profile.

The titles are rare and prestigious, so you can be proud of every TITLE reached!

When you earn the first Title, you become an important figure in the world of War Clicks. Other soldiers can sneak into your profile and check & admire your Titles! Don’t be surprised if soldiers will respect you even more! 😛

As those Titles are now released, we’d like to Congratulate all those who got their first Titles (or second/third)! In the first round of Title updates, we’ve given out the Titles to all the Event winners, Heroes of the Anniversary and Heroes Unite Event and added the Titles to 1st Challenge winners!
We do plan to run more Challenges and Event in the future where you’ll be eligible to get your first Title or perhaps get the additional one!
We also plan to expand the Titles and will be adding new ones for some other bigger achievements within the game, but Titles will somehow stay prestigious and rare!

User Trophies example

User Trophies example