Latest patch has been deployed.

Patch changes:

  • Earlier today several players were experiencing serious bugs with entering WarZone. This has been fixed and there should be no more issues in WarZone freezing or not loading.
  • Certain defense bugs have also been fixed – it should now work properly. Additionally, we have increased the number of units while defending, to ensure you can destroy at least some units in every defense chance.
  • Several Country Invasion bugs have been fixed
  • When clicking TC the state updates ow to ensure all fuel is properly added and there’s not a difference between front end and actual gained fuel stored in the database.
  • New day Warzone chance resets have been improved in some cases, when it was not working properly for a few users in very specific cases.

If even after these fixes you still experience any of the above bugs, please let us know so we are aware and can look further into it. Hopefully, we won’t hear from you. Well at least above the above bugs, we’re happy to hear from you about anything else :)