As Event is coming to an end, we have reduced Event MX prices additionally, to make its value a bit more valuable relative to the time left. The discounted prices of Event MX and 3h Time Warps will persist until the end of the Event

Specially for anniversary, we have added a new cursor to the Shop – Retro cursor, which gives the biggest DPC boost of all (5% when selected). This is the very first graphic of cursors that the game had, and felt it was fitting to release it for the anniversary πŸ˜‰

New Cursor!

New Cursor!

There was an issue with yesterday’s promo code, which actually caused an exploit, where it could be claimed several times. This has been sorted, and any exploiters have been dealt with properly – PvP points gained reverted, and in a few extreme cases users have been banned, for exploiting this heavily and not reporting this.

So we’d like to take this chance to make you aware that we take exploiting very seriously, as it is not fair to other players. BUT ALSO, we appreciate such reports and reward them for letting us know/help us out.

We always find and deal with exploiters, so instead of wasting your and our time, just report itΒ  and be reward if you ever find something like this πŸ˜‰