Starting on the last Saturday all video rewards (production MX, gold, fuel, *no extra effect on TC unlock) are doubled! These will last until the end of Friday 22nd March, so make the most of them 😉

Video rewards - Doubled!

Video rewards – Doubled!

To avoid confusion, production MX boost from video ads will reset to 2x on Saturday 23rd, regardless of how much boost time you have left.

Still few hours left:
Within the Event shop, you will notice that Event MXes are now cheaper, to make them relatively valuable to event time left. Plus the 3h Time Warps are also now slightly cheaper as well!

Gold Shop - Event Discounts

Gold Shop – Event Discounts

We are still looking into the missing CvC spoils issues in some cases, and have added additional logs (unfortunately it’s a slow process of adding logs and checking them to get to the bottom of the issue). If anyone’s lacking any spoil points from CvC, just let us know and we’ll add them manually.