• Starting tutorials were modified for a better user guidance through basic in-game operations
  • Privatization alert was added – when you fulfill the requirements for privatization a pending sign will appear over the privatization
  • milestone achieved animation was changed to a more positive one
  • War Zone is presented earlier in the game so the user can see what the game is about as a whole
  • Some tutorial and other presentation texts were formatted for a more easy-to-read experience
  • Autoclicker can be accessed earlier than before – battle 4

FYI: Tomorrow morning we’ll be releasing one of the biggest additions/ features of War Clicks – a completely new feature called The Command Center, that will contain the new Research System as well as allow us to add various unlocks of QoL, settings etc. within it. For this update we will have to go into a short maintenance, during which the game will not be playable – it will be a quick one, probably lasting less than 30 minutes. Maintenance will be done somewhere between 7:00-9:00 (am) GMT.

We’ll keep you updated!