Below is our current list of urgent bugs that needs to be smashed immediately. We believe most of the bugs should be fixed in the following days/week.  We’re aware of some other not so urgent bugs that will be done afterwards.

Feel free to leave your opinion, discuss about the improvements, some other annoying parts or just check what will be done soon.

So, here is the list of Bugs we are focusing in the following days:

  • Tutorials after Deploy/Privatize to help clear doubt about their effects
  • Invasion Help Texts Update
  • AutoClicker available inside the Shop
  • Add missing Flags on sprites
  • In-game Chat – new clearer date format
  • Prevent Fuel buying (from Army setup) if over 90% Fuel owned
  • Ranks/Renown – Show 5 upcoming rewards for reaching the goals
  • Convert- Update outdated formula that better matches War zone progression
  • Daily Missions- same type of missions popping up in the same window
  • Daily Missions – Score missions progress not calculated correctly
  • Daily Re-supply Truck – add battle/level requirements
  • Sounds – add click sounds on places where missing
  • Optimizing Asset sizes
  • In/out of focus issues
  • Round up issue Rank/Renown bar
  • PvP Skip – complete faster
  • Achievements – Double check on Air/Land/Sea battles