The day has finally come… War Clicks is now richer for a completely new feature called The Command Center!

Command Center

Command Center

What is the new feature about and how can you enter it?

Command center is the hub of your production and military advancements. Here you will be able to research powerful technologies, select your preferred loadouts, buy powerful upgrades helping every area of your army and unlock useful upgrades and quality of life settings that will make managing everything a whole lot easier!

The Command Center is accessible from the Icon below Milestones/ Achievements (Soldier icon, left-side menu).

Today, we have released the very first version of the Command center, but more is still to come in the near future. We plan to add Automation on Researching, new types of boosts, upgrades, unlocks and we may change some numbers within the feature after we get decent details on this.

Also with this update, we removed Battle Stars reward from ranks and achievements, as they were meaningless and scaled awfully. These have been replaced with gaining Research Points, which will allow you to research powerful boosts! Levels will keep Battle Stars as a reward, but also award your Research Points. Another source of Research points are Renown levels – more details on all of these can be found within the feature.

*PS: You should have all research points for past levels, renown, achievements, ranks reached added when you first visit the game 😉

To not take too much of your time, here is the link for those willing to get to know more about the new Command Center: