A few hours ago, we’ve received a notification from IndieDB to check the Final Results of the Voting for the best Indie Game of the Year (by IndieDB).

Out of thousands of games that began the 2018 Indie of the year journey, War Clicks reached a massive accomplishment in the Finals and finished in the top 10 of 2018 (at 8th place).

In the end, War Clicks gathered a huge amount of votes, so we would like to thank every one of you who supported us in the qualification votings and in the Finals of Indie game awards for 2018. Every single vote counted and helped us secure this Win for War Clicks and the amazing community we have!

We are more than proud to have such a great community! THANK YOU for supporting us!

In 2019 we have Big plans with War Clicks and we’ll keep improving the game and can’t wait to see what the game becomes by the end of it!

Have an awesome day & thanks once again for your votes!

Here are the results: