Cupid’s been generous today – giving you a great chance to collect more rewards than usual. We are now giving away a code (valid only today, Feb14) you can use to claim the reward which is hiding behind the word: VALENTINE

On top of that, we are giving additional 35 % of Gold on all regular packages!! This will end today, so if you are in need of more Gold for buying new Investors, or buying more Time Warps – or just want some extra boost to help you beat other players in the event competition by buying some Event Multiplicators to progress through the Event faster, then here is your chance…just a few hours left!


Where to claim the reward?*

– War Zone – > shield Icon (next to Spin the Wheel icon, below Country headquarters)

– Upper section of Activity rewards -> insert the code -> SUBMIT

*Rewards are available only to players who reached at least battle 13 in War Zone


Have fun!