We’d like to announce the date for the next event, where the top 11 players from the recent Anniversary Event will represent the event’s army! The event will start this Friday March 29th at 15:00 GMT, and be a fast-paced two-day event, ending on March 31st  at 15:00 GMT.

This will be a special event, as the theme(s) of it was suggested by the winners of the Anniversary event, so there’s due to be some funny puns you can’t miss out on 😉

We also wanted to give you a heads up for a short sale today (March 26th), where you can buy gold up to 30% cheaper!
*Note for ArmorGames players: Unfortunately we can’t discount our products on ArmorGames due to their implementation, but you can make the purchase via warclicks.com directly (browser cookie should carry you over, plus AG will still get their revenue share). Please contact us for any issues/questions.

Lastly, we’ve just pushed a small update, that resolves some bugs, along with something that makes Time Challenge a bit less annoying :) For more details check the Change log.

War Clicks Team