War fighting tactics are driven by different strategies, and knowing what upgrade or decision to pursue at a specific time can make a huge difference at how you’ll fair.

Trainers are working hard on helping you achieve best Ranking positions and working even when you’re not present in the game. But, now they’ll be prepared to take an extra step in making sure their facilities are giving best results they can. They’ll do this by either becoming better trainers themselves, or making sure to upgrade their recruits and their hardware in areas that matter most. But all that extra work and upgrading all that hardware comes at a price. And its up to you to decide which unit’s hardware/trainer you want to upgrade to make the most out of them. Is it the common soldier, the tank or the carrier… or maybe all of them? All up to you to weigh your options and how to best spend all that gold you’ve plundered…

You’re probably asking yourself how this feature works?

When you’ll hire a Trainer, you’ll be given another option to upgrade them – in exchange for some Gold you’ll have a chance to boost a production of single unit. These boosts are only for short periods, because they reset when you use Deploy or Bribe, so be sure to use them wisely.

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