Special sale on our biggest product!

40.000 GOLD (+ 50,000 Battle Stars FREE) are included in our latest promotion. – 25% OFF! Only on  29th & 30th  June!

Don’t know what to spend the Gold on?
– Investors – increase production boost every single contractor gives by 1% – 50%, which can result in up to 50x+ times faster progression through the game!
– Time Warp – Jump  3-12 hours into the future and gain all benefits you’d made meanwhile
– Bribe – attract pending army contractors to join your cause without deploying (without reseting your progress) – Pending contractors turned into active ones

– Vacation Mode – Going on Holidays and don’t want to lose your progress? Vacation Mode helps you maintain Score during your holidays, so that Defend won’t deduct your Score
– Autoclicker – So you don’t need to click to destroy enemies anymore. Automated process helps you enjoy the game even more

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Wish you lot of fun playing the game,
WarClicks Team


  1. Question.

    Whats the point of the Boot Camp?
    Is it just for converting things to Battle Stars?

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