Congratulations to all Referral contest winners!
We are giving away 50,000 Gold in Total to Top 10 promotors of Warclicks from referral contest lasts from 17th -31st of Jan!


We’ve completed our 1st Referral Contest on WarClicks. We must say that we expect more players will join the competition, but seems that fewer players decided to share the word around. However, less players mean more opportunities to Win bigger rewards in 1st competition 😉

Referral contest is something that will surely come back in the following months as it might help us to grow our community and reward players with some easily earned rewards! It is a great way to collect valuable Free rewards for sharing your referral link with your friends, colleagues, schoolmates, family,…

-> Where did you promote your links?
-> Was it hard to get new referrals?
-> Would you like us to organize more Referral competitions in the future?
-> Do you have any other ideas you’d like to share with us?

…Rewards – Free Gold will be added to WarClicks accounts on Monday (5th feb), spend your rewards wisely and have fun playing WarClicks!