We’d like to give you a rough outline of our update status for the next two weeks, as one of our staff (the one writing this) is going on a vacation, and won’t be available until then. As part of my work involves working on the more core updates (bug fixes, functionalities, balancing, looking more deeply in any account issues) this is a heads up that progress on those will be more or less halted until 6th March.

Meanwhile our other programmer is working on a full settings rework, which we are very excited about, as it will finally allow us to add a ton of customization and additional settings/info to the game with ease. From various number formats, to display customization, hiding idle gain popups, custom key shortcuts, disabling key shortcuts, extra info on upgrade screens… Basically any of the various ideas/requests suggestions you guys wanted, we will now be able to do much more easily – as they have to be a part of settings to not clutter the UI/experience for a new user, but still allows longer term users to add/customize more things.

First, in the following days the system with only existing settings will be reworked, the next step will be adding various format/number display options, and then other options added on the go. He will also be working on some things that will help us automate game management better, wasting less of our time to handle the every day things (announcements, account checking, sales..), which will allow us to use even more of our time working on updates, instead of upkeep tasks.

Other things that will be worked on whenever possible during the next two weeks: Some bug fixing, some display fixes, Country HQ message board tabbing, chat improvements, allowing more upgrades to be seen in Boot Camp… We are also still looking in the random “ no spoil point rewards in CvC for some users sometimes”, for which we are adding more logs that will help us get to the root of this issue. If meanwhile you are affected by this, just drop us a note and we will add any missing spoil points manually.

March will be a HUGE month for War Clicks, as we’ll be focusing mainly on the following:
– work on some more bug improvements, improving daily tasks/missions/rewards, add more settings/QoL/display customization Most importantly, we will be looking into progression, late game and core gameplay improvements as a whole, covering the following: Extend late game and potentially introduce new mechanical changes, properly look into CvC/”country change” as that is a pressing issue, look at reworking our level/rank/achievement system & rewards, look into reworking the way our competitions work as a whole….

That is a quick overview of our upcoming focus, and is hard to keep this post short and explain what all that entails and why it is so important to look into it carefully. A quick summary of that is that all of these need to be looked into together, as they intertwine with one another. In the following months we are also closing in on some current technical limitations with late late late game progression in Boot Camp of War Zone (number & data architecture limits), so we have to prepare for that, and take that chance for potentially reworking the core mechanics of Boot Camp and War Zone at later stages, that will resolve that technical issue but also very importantly for you, improve the experience and refresh the core game play loop for you!

More on the possibilities of how we can approach that in March, as we will also be getting in contact with you all a lot for additional suggestions/thoughts of where to steer the game. There are many many options, and we simply can’t do/bunch all of them together, so want to work with you to give us additional perspective on what would be the best changes & additions 😉

We’re really excited for March, and again ask for understanding if in the next two weeks we might not be able to deal with all specific/issues bugs as fast any more. We’ll catch up 😉