We can’t wait to let you know that we are now closer than ever to releasing two HUGE features to War Clicks. Events and Country fights, first coming out really soon – probably at the end of upcoming week. We are doing our best to release Events on Friday, December 7th and Country VS. Country around December 13th.

Country fights

Country fights

We are now working on some final tasks, testing, sounds, progression, currency connections and are counting days to the release of the first Event on War Clicks! The counter will soon be added on Live version of the game, so you’ll have a chance to count with us.

More details and specifications about the first Event will be shared in the following days when we’ll prepare a small guide on how to play the first Event on War Clicks as well  as share more graphics with you guys as well.

Have fun and keep in mind that December is bringing you the game the biggest updates ever! The biggest features that will add more strategy parts to the game, more fun, more tactical playing and much more…we really can’t wait to finish them and finally open them up for the first plays…

Stay tuned 😉