We made a forecast/goal a short while ago (LINK) that we’re gonna get 5000 players in less than a month. Well, we’re happy to say that we’ve overshot it and reached that goal in just 14 days!!

The growth from 55,000 to 60,000 was crazy, using different channels of promotion including YouTube – 11k+ views on a single video uploaded by Serbian guy Simi, participating and growing our involvement on  Reddit and some other channels we got a really nice coverage! It means that by improving the game, people are more likely to join and stay in the game, that will soon create stronger competition or more players in your country to beat Enemy bases faster and more effectively and collect more war spoils while fighting!

We are fully confident to share the game between more potential players to build a great community we are already proud of! THANK you ALL for continue support and playing the game, we are proud of every single player!

Working hard to improve the game in the upcoming months, promoting the game and marketing it through existing/new channels…

We are on a road to creating a really BIG STORY!!

Stay tuned,
Team WarClicks