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BootCamp Goals Released

As you can see, we’ve uploaded a new feature to BootCamp yesterday.  With it, you are now able to check your current Total Power Points (PP) gained so far and your next goal and title that comes with it. We’ve decided to award you with different rewards when reaching a new title in BootCamp. You’ll be able to get Gold or x amount of PP every time you get a new title! Sounds good?

As the game is changing by its functions and upcoming updates, we will now have two different worlds with TOP leaders in one or another world – by picking different Continue reading

Our biggest update is now LIVE!

What is new in our so far biggest update?

  • Daily missions
  • New currency – GOLD
  • SHOP
  • In-shop products to boost your playing
  • New strategies of playing

Daily missions

Every single day all the players will get a chance to complete daily missions, which will challenge the players in different ways and take them through the different aspects of the game. Their resourcefulness will get them a chance to complete every single mission and to collect the rewards for accomplishing it.

daily missions

Daily missions

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