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Pumpkin Field Invasion Event (Oct 29th – Nov 1st)

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event is here with all of its Halloween Crew along – Mr. Skeleton, Lucifer itself, Immortal Vampires,… – they will help you invade the nearby pumpkin fields. But wait, not everyone is aware that all this is just a Halloween Prank!…

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event is all about taking additional pumpkins from the nearby pumpkin fields, getting extra Halloween members to help you out complete the Halloween mission and provide enough resources needed for Invasion! But wait, not everyone is aware that all this is just a Halloween Prank!

Halloween Game Event - Pumpkin Field Invasion

Halloween Game Event – Pumpkin Field Invasion

Maybe it seems easy at first glance, but what if we tell you that the farmers don’t get the joke and are protecting their fields with all of their resources and powers. So, you’ll need to get a smart Halloween crew that will be skilfull and capable of distracting the farmers, so they will get ”free” pumpkins!

You’ve found out that you may establish another business than will help you lower the costs of running a Halloween secret night invasions to a minimum, and eliminate the enormous costs of all the Crew needs. So, you decided to start a sideway business that will directly provide the resources for every specific Halloween ”creature” needs.

There are a bunch of the crew wishes to fulfill, which you will need to complete economically. So, producing direct resources for the whole Halloween crew might be Continue reading

Boo! HALLOWEEN is here! [story ]

Walking alone on a dirty sidewalk in the middle of the night, with no battery on my phone, no cash, having nothing to eat, thirsty, exhausted, weak-willed & faint-hearted, turning into a forest, the only way to get home. And on the top of all – it’s a night of Halloween! Brrrr…

Stepping quietly, not to break a twig, going slow and ready to defend myself if someone wants to harm me here. Moving forward, still 10 minutes to my home, I started hearing something… Is this a mutated bird or something? Noo, definitely it’s an owl… Hmm, I am not sure of all that mixed sounds… No, it’s not a bird, it is moving directly towards me, breaking branches, rafting leaves. OMG, now the creature is stepping up, what should I do? Should I hide myself behind the bushes or should I run back? Only a few meters left, something is coming from the dark, I need to figure it out quickly, brain-fart, hmmmmm… What should I do, what should I do????

It’s too late to hide, the creature already noticed me, damn! There is nothing I can do now not to face it… Will I survive, will I come home safely, why I didn’t tell my girlfriend that I love her, why I didn’t take out my dog in the morning, WHY WHY WHY,… Terrified in the moment, but there is no going back I need to stand for myself whatever happened…The creature hits me suddenly: ‘’Don’t be afraid, I’m General Master Clicker, a soldier from WarClicks bringing you a basket of candies!’’ UFFF… What a relief!