MonthDecember 2018

Conquest Event is LIVE!

We’re super excited that the first event on War Clicks has started! It will last 5 days (ending on Wednesday 12th December 17:00 UTC/GMT) so make sure to check it out and claim many of the rewards you can get by playing it! 😉
You can enter it here: Conquest Event

The very first Event is finally here!

The very first Event is finally here!

Your goal is to capture as many enemy territories you can. The higher you get, the biggest prizes you may earn for yourself.


As this is our first Event ever, we decided to remove all the requirements to unlock Even, willing to offer some fresh and new experience to all active players of War Clicks. We are also adding a HUGE discounted prices on Time Warps and on a completely new product – Event multiplier (70% off) on top of all!

Conquest Event is LIVE

Conquest Event is LIVE

Such Events will be Live on War Clicks just occasionally, and  won’t be available all the time for playing, so take action now and really test it out before it is over. We wish every one of you all the best in competing with each other during the Event and lots of fun! 😉

The story of the first Event on War Clicks – ‘The Conquest EVENT’

We are thrilled to let you know that this Friday we are starting the first Event on War Clicks!

Events will be fast-paced, fun, exciting and rewarding with time-limited content which will keep your War Clicks experience fresh – and with tons of rewards that you can win by participating also help your overall progress outside the Event!

Conquest Event

Conquest Event

The Event will start on Friday 7th December, 17:00 Server Time (UTC/GMT) – we also added an in-game timer showing this!

So, lets get directly to additional details of the first Event…

What the first Event will be about? / … The story of Conquest Event

The aim of this campaign is to try and capture as many enemy territories as you can in a limited time. You are in charge of managing your resources – you’ll have to buy factories that produce various types of ammunition – this can be sold for cash and used by your army to deal damage and capture territories.


Demo of the First Event

Demo of the First Event

There are plenty of different type of factories and troops at your disposal to get the job done, it’s just up to you to make the most of it! We trust your resourcefulness to know what to do, but if you’ll get stuck at any point we’ll make sure to give you some hints on how to proceed.

Scouts report that the first few territories seem to be undefended, but as you capture more you’ll be met with resistance. In those cases you’ll have to develop your army to outmatch their Damage Per Second (DPS) to start capturing it. The more you outmatch it, the faster you’ll take over that territory.

Note: You are managing your resources from a distance so both factories and your army will continue working/pushing forward even while you are away!

As you claim territories you will also receive various rewards and territory points, which you will be able to use for some huge bonuses down the line.

Last but not least, we can’t put our military goals in the hand of one man, so other Continue reading

December is bringing you a chance to fight wars against countries you always wanted to

We can’t wait to let you know that we are now closer than ever to releasing two HUGE features to War Clicks. Events and Country fights, first coming out really soon – probably at the end of upcoming week. We are doing our best to release Events on Friday, December 7th and Country VS. Country around December 13th.

Country fights

Country fights

We are now working on some final tasks, testing, sounds, progression, currency connections and are counting days to the release of the first Event on War Clicks! The counter will soon be added on Live version of the game, so you’ll have a chance to count with us.

More details and specifications about the first Event will be shared in the following days when we’ll prepare a small guide on how to play the first Event on War Clicks as well  as share more graphics with you guys as well.

Have fun and keep in mind that December is bringing you the game the biggest updates ever! The biggest features that will add more strategy parts to the game, more fun, more tactical playing and much more…we really can’t wait to finish them and finally open them up for the first plays…

Stay tuned 😉