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Hey soldiers!

The Cupid’s Mission Event is over – feel free to check the results within the game and see where you ended at compared to others. Congratulations to all winners! 😉

Tier rewards

Tier rewards

New Event is coming in March, but meanwhile feel free to participate in Country battles to guarantee yourself an Alliance ticket for the weekend fights!

We’ve lowered the waiting times between Invasion attempts from 30 to 10 minutes, so more players will now be able to use all of their 3 Free daily chances to fight Invasions! (Use all chances today)

P.S.: New round of Weekly Competitions started yesterday (Trophy icon in left low-corner) and will end on Sunday – Do you have the power to outperform other players there??

Good luck & Have FUN! :)

War Clicks Team


We are happy to announce that our latest major update on WarClicks is NOW LIVE – Weekly Competitions!

Compete with thousands of other players and try to get to the TOP rankings, as it will be worth it – you’ll be given rewards that will give you a long-term epic boost in WarZone or BootCamp, depends on which category you beat your enemies in. So, if you for example get to TOP 10 players by Score, you’ll get a 9% Production Boost in Bootcamp (permanent boost). All further rewards from Competitions are
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