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UPDATE: December 14th

After our initial estimate for releasing the Country vs Country feature got a bit delayed, we are happy to let you know that we will be releasing CvC this coming week on Tuesday/Wednesday!

We will release more final info about CvC over the following days, such as the specifics of the spoil rewards rework and how some of the new spoil point rewards will reinvigorate your late game experience in both Boot Camp and War Zone!

As the spoil point rewards will be reworked we will have to reset any spoil points with the release for implementation purposes and to ensure proper balancing of new rewards as they come out. When CvC and new rewards are released we will also award everyone with a starting amount of spoil points based on your clicking force, so you will immediately be able to experience some of them!

So take this heads up and make sure you use up any spoil points you might have before then, so they don’t go to waste.

If you haven’t yet, we’d also appreciate if you cast a vote for War Clicks in the finals for the top Indie Game of 2018. It takes less than a minute of your time, and helps support the game, thanks you! :)

You can vote here:  Vote for War Clicks in the Finals
(Click on the button top 100 -> on the next page click ‘Vote’)

War Clicks team

WarClicks has made it into TOP 100 Indie Games of 2017!

We just opened the mail and seen this message:

WarClicks is in the FINALS of Best Indie Games of 2017

WarClicks is in the FINALS of Best Indie Games of 2017

Out of 2,204 games competing for best indie game of 2017 we’ve made it into Top 100!!
A huge success for the game and its potential for a lot of future publicity. We are now one step closer to achieving even greater results with the game!

Now the top 100 games are entering the second 10-day voting round, to determine the top games!
And WarClicks has every chance to make it to the top of the list!  There are some huge games competing now, but with a complete graphical overhaul and added game mechanics never seen in this genre, we have lots of potentials to reach a great result.  As it already turned out, lots of players supported us so far in the first round, thank you!

We now need help of every one of you once more to help us climb towards the top in this final round!

Voting takes just a few seconds:
(We won’t be angry if you share this link with your family and friends 😉 )

Thanks in advance for your support!

Note: Every member from the IndieDB community who votes, has a chance to win a game from IndieDB #modlove collection.
The winning indie teams will be heavily promoted across IndieDB network!