Founder of Feedspot just contacted us to congratulate us that our Game development blog about WarClicks made the cut for TOP 50 Game Development Blogs, as selected by their panelist. You might find one of the biggest players in gaming industry there such as Gamasutra, Reddit-r/gaming, Kongregate, GDC, …. And WarClicks currently on 22nd position!!

Woov, what a day! :)

We’ve also been awarded a badge we are showing here for the first time:

WarClicks badge - TOP 50 Game dev blogs

WarClicks badge – TOP 50 Game dev blogs

As the badge means that we are doing something right, we are now even more motivated to give you guys even better content on game development topics.
We are proud on being recognized as one of the uprising studios in the game industry, so we decided from now on to show the badge on the left side of the blog!

We’re happy to receive such credit – but without all of you, the players and other readers of our blog, we wouldn’t make it to the TOP. Thank you all for supporting us and we hope to give you back some quality articles in the future!