Country Headquarters incentives added

Today, we deployed a change to Country Headquarters where users will clearly see and be more incentivized  to do their unused daily chances in invasions, meaning more users will now help their country become a stronger force on the battlefield…

CHQ incentives

CHQ incentives

After collecting and analyzing more player feedback, we found out that players are in general not using all of their daily CHQ options to vote/fight. Regular players who are giving all efforts to empower their countries, would love to see more countrymen to join and help country to progress through some hard Invasions and get bigger numbers on CvC fights…

A few weeks ago, we shortened Invasion timers from 30 minutes to just 10 minutes waiting time between the chances, so more players can now complete the Invasions a lot easier every day!

The next step was adding simple incentives/notifications to Country Headquarters, which was implemented a few hours ago… As you, we want more players to participate in Country HQ activities daily so this will help get more players take part in country battles & voting.. so you’ll now find new notifications on Invasion and CvC, the same way as it was now on the Voting…

chq notifications

chq notifications

We have some ideas for further improving the experience within the Country Headquarters, but feel free to let us know you thoughts and maybe we decide to implement some additional great ideas/improvements in the future…

Army Setup – ‘Upgrade to Tier’ added

Today, we have deployed an update that adds “Tiers” to HQ DPC upgrades in War Zone (in Army Setup). These tiers are reached as you upgrade a specific upgrade several times, and when reached add a multiplicator to DPC from that upgrade. This will help keep all type of HQ upgrades usable throughout the late game, and reduce over-dependant on support units.

New Army Setup_DPC Tier added

*As always with such updates we are initially conservative with multiplicators, so that we may adjust/increase them later on – as we will be doing many more balancing changes in the following weeks 😉

Country HQ balance & functionality improvements

Country Headquarters (HQ) feature has been out for about 2 weeks now, and we’ve received tons of positive feedback about it! During this time we have also looked at ways to improve and re-balance it. So we are glad to let you know that the following changes have been put live to make it an even better experience:

– Country upgrades voting council decision power has been increased from 50 to 75%

– Air Strike voting council decision power has been increased from 75 to 85%

– Air Strike minimum overall voting participation has been reduced from 50% to 40%

– Voting Power gained from donations (per 100 gold) has been increased from 0.01 to 0.1.

– Voting Power per rank has been increased from 0.5 to 1

– Clicking force multiplier gained from donations (per 100 gold) has been increased/doubled from 0.001 to 0.002!

– The „spoils increase“ country upgrade has been buffed significantly. From 1%/2%, to 5%/10% increase.

-„Extra chances“ reward eligibility on spoils convert have been buffed from a 1% increase to a 5%. We’ve also made it clearer on how this value can be increased.

Country Headquarters - Vote for best decisions!

Country Headquarters – Vote for best decisions!

All of the above changes have been done to ensure voting on choices is effective and with best interests of the country in mind, as well as give a more significant reward to players who donate – not only in making decisions, but also getting a bit more directly out of it via increased Clicking Force. We will be having a look every week and adjust things additionally to deliver you the best experience possible! Note that any potential upgrade or donation changes will have these effects applied, even if they were done before :)

War Clicks team

Country Invasion – Sneak Peak

Country Invasion (CI) part of the game is usually important for more-experienced players that find additional value in fighting for their countries! As we believe players need to find a strong reason to play games for longer periods of time, we are sure some of them will find that ‘sparkle/reason’ in upcoming Country Invasion.  We already mentioned all discouraging factors of current CI version (LINK) and plans of what needs to be improved, and we are close now.

Most of graphics have now been created, currently working on programming parts.

Today, we decided to share our first graphics/ sneak peak of new Country Headquarters for all of our curious players! :)


Headquarters are divided into 3 main parts: Invasion, Country vs. Country attacks (CvC – coming in 2nd part of CI development) and Voting part to Vote on what you think is the best for the country.
Let this be all, for now, we’ll let you know more about the functions and different features inside CI in upcoming posts. We believe new CI should be released in about a week from now on (if all the testing goes well); you guys deserve to play the game which includes such features.

June is going to be an awesome month for War Clicks, so stay close! 😉