We’ve just deployed an update that ensures to catch up various in-game timers, if you were playing off focus, and display them properly when you get back in focus.

Some examples are: Event Timer, daily reset, Time Challenge, Research…
There’s a few timers in Country HQ that won’t catch up yet, but we should get those improved soon as well.

After repeated reports of potential issue with War Zone drops, we managed to give it a second proper look and indeed found an issue, that caused drops to not appear. This issue was introduced with one of the previous updates, and has now been fixed.

Note that it might take until new server reset for this fix to affect you, AND that this doesn’t guarantee drops tomorrow, just fixes the issue that made it impossible to get it in the past few weeks.
P.S.: Fixing this bug we also found a promo code “golddrop” that you can use until this Sunday (July, 14th).

Tomorrow we are finishing preparations for the upcoming Event that starts this coming Monday, and then continuing to work on these priorities:
Fixing progress revert issues, QoL/automation, and potentially also some simple, but long-awaited chat improvements, such as a mute/report button.

You should definitely see a bunch of updates regarding those next week :)