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Game dev updates/ Last week

The report from the last week/ what’s been improved/resolved within the game:

  • Resolved an issue in WZ with a reverting bug, where running in-game Autoclicker and going off focus, and then coming back would sometimes result in those clicks to be all reverted
  • Improved performance of Time Challenge clicking, which seemed to lag for some
  • Fixed a bug in Event, where clicking on tutorial icon could freeze the screen
  • BC convert popup show- now properly show current reward % above 100%
  • in general chat room additional signs were added as allowed,
  • in leaderboard you can also check other tiers and their stats also your country is clearly marked
  • deploy button design fix
  • alliance ticket has been redesigned

Game Dev update – Jan15

Improved Boot Camp saving that should now prevent annoying saving issues (i.e. Some units, upgrades disappearing due to some unit cycles being neglected in weird conditions).  Also if now something doesn’t save (for weird potential rare reasons) the game will now return this information to user in a popup, and reset game’s state properly. This means that progress should now be reset for max 30 seconds and not „snowball“ into a big issues. Similar system will be added to WZ now, to remove any confusion about click speed limits and prevent revertion in those rare cases as well.

In the past few weeks we have also got rid of a lot of random issues with CvC results, which were hard to replicate on local servers and issues were revealed on live data. There were several issues with wrong  result calculations, display bugs, reward distribution issues… These were now fixed and CvC should be working properly now.

Today we’ve just deployed the Boot Camp game re-init in case of issues with saving, that should resolve and clarify any rare issues users still might have with that.

We’ve also fixed the issue with today’s CvC results and recalculated them to Continue reading